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East Hoathly C. of E. School

Please note that, under recent child-protection legislation, it is unfortunately not possible to illustrate this page with pictures showing the children. Their creative energy is demonstrated below through a selection of the murals which the different classes produced as collaborative efforts during Arts Week in summer 2006.

The Cycle of Nature – Class A, 5–6 yrs

The village school, a Church of England primary school, is adjacent to the churchyard on the west. It opened in 1865.

Before then, the only village schooling was provided in “one room about ten feet square for the girls, and a room of even smaller dimensions for the boys” (quoting Capt. Clements, author of Forty Years in a Sussex Village). When Capt. Clements came to live at East Hoathly, he and the Rector set about raising money to build a proper school. With the Squire and the Earl of Chichester as leading subscribers, fund-raising went well enough to allow the school and a master’s house to be completed, free of debt, within two years. The school was dedicated with prayers and hymns on Thursday, 19 Jan 1865, and the children were admitted the following week.

Capt. Clements commented that, during the building, many including the contractor felt the schoolrooms were being built so large that children would never be found to fill them. “But in less than five years we were foolish for having built them so small.”

Further accommodation was added at intervals. Capt. Clements quoted a tourist who was seeing over the church and could not believe that the school was not State-provided: “No-one ever saw such a fine block of school buildings in a small village like this, unless built with the ratepayers’ money.”

The Natural Environment – Class B, 6–7 yrs

Today East Hoathly School continues to recognize its historical foundations, and under its Head Teacher, Mrs Anthea Hill (left, photographed by a Year 5 pupil), it sets out to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level. It aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

Our Rector joins the school for collective worship in church once a week. Special church services are held for the school at harvest time, at Christmas, and at the end of the school year when presentations are made to Year 6 leavers. The Rector sits ex officio on the school’s board of governors.

The Village – Class E, 9–11 yrs

The school has its own website, including prospectus.

The children’s art exhibition shares a tent with the cake stall at the Church Fête
(note Doyle Class first prize, top right of phot0)

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