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Service Arrangements, March 2008

Sidesmen Readers and Readings Prayers Communion Assistant Bacon Butty Crèche
2nd – Mothering Sunday (4th Sunday of Lent)
11 a.m. Parish Communion Elly McKay-Smith

Dorothy Cottingham
Ken Chapman: 2 Corinthians 1.3–7

Phil Hodgins: John 19.25b–27
Peggy Cottingham Andrea Goodridge Barbara Aucock

Rose Harmon
9th – Fifth Sunday of Lent (Passiontide begins)
11 a.m. Matins Vanessa Turk

Neil Williams
Jackie Sampson: Ezekiel 37.1–14

David Burrell: John 11.1–45
Marshall Currell

11 a.m. Parish Communion Maggie Lee

Mike Lee
Phil Hodgins: Matthew 21.1–11 (Palm Reading)

Maggie Lee: Isaiah 50.4–9a

Mike Lee: Philippians 2.5–11

Phil Hodgins: Matthew 27.11–54
Andrea Goodridge Jackie Sampson crèche available
6 p.m. Evensong Dorothy Cottingham Sharon Searle: Isaiah 5.1–7

Peggy Cottingham: Matthew 21.33–end

HOLY WEEK SERVICES – Evening Prayer and short reflection
Monday 17th
7.30 p.m. at East Hoathly
Joan Hibbert

Jenny Cowling
Kate Peckham: Lamentations 3.1–18

Linda Allen: Luke 22.39–53

Tuesday 18th
7.30 p.m. at Chiddingly

Wednesday 19th
7.30 p.m. at East Hoathly
Maggie Lee

Mike Lee
John Graham: Jeremiah 11.18–20

Luke 22.54–end

Thursday 20th – MAUNDY THURSDAY
7.30 p.m. Maundy Thursday Communion at Chiddingly

Friday 21st – GOOD FRIDAY
11 a.m. Children’s Workshop
at East Hoathly Village Hall

2 p.m. Good Friday Service Dorothy Cottingham

Peggy Cottingham

Sunday 23rd – EASTER DAY
6 a.m. Benefice Dawn Service
Easter Communion
Chris Pellett

Jenny Pellett
Peter Clerehugh: Exodus 14.10–end & 15.20–21

Chris Pellett: Romans 6.3–11

Phil Hodgins: Matthew 28.1–10
Peter Clerehugh Jenny Pellett
11 a.m. Family Communion Elly McKay-Smith

Dorothy Cottingham
Sharon Berry: John 20.1–18 Elly McKay-Smith Mike Lee

Deklyn Peckham

30th – Second Sunday of Easter (Low Sunday)
10 a.m. Benefice Communion
(NB clocks changed last night)

Exodus 14.10–end & 15.20–21

Acts 2.14a, 22–32 John 20.19–31

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